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LCR has a great trigger. (!)

Grips are very good, but recoil is less than I'd expect for the weight, especially in the .357, even with the CT grips (which are smaller than the stock grips and don't have the recoil absorbing insert). Guess the frame flexes and takes up some recoil, too.

The extra 4 oz up front in the .357 makes a noticeable difference over the .38 version when the same .38 round is shot in both guns. I feel like recoil is a little less than a comparable-weight j-frame at 13 oz. (for the .38), but some folks don't. Haven't shot a .357 against a similar weight j; but again we are talking about 17 oz. versus 13 in comparing the two Rugers.

A lot of folks have found that the cylinder release can be harder and grittier on the .357 version (wife had trouble with it, and she didn't on the .38), but it smooths out with use.

(Edit: Oops, guess you weren't asking about the .357. Anyway, the .38 is a very good gun.)

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