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Originally Posted by Tailhunter View Post
In all honesty the folder is cool looking but if you want a great repeatable cheek weld then go with the Vltor milspec adapter and a Magpul ACS-L butt stock. The Midwest industries is a great rail system. I personally don't like a front PG but do love the magpul afg. Look into the US palm for the rear PG. They are sweet. The rest is up to you.

Now let's see some pics.
I agree about the cheek weld. That's why I'm getting a riser for the stock. I don't care for the Magpul stocks nor the M4 style stocks in general.

I had a afg on my Colt 6940. I took it off after the first range session. I didn't like it. It was better while shooting prone over the TG grip though. It didn't get in the way as bad. I went back to the Tango Down grip. I haven't been too big on the Magpul stuff. It;s all good quality and all. I guess I'm just old school. I do like the idea of the US palm though. I may just do that.

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