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Originally Posted by Nib-XG26 View Post
I bought a Stevens model 320 shotgun and its a POS, I shot 30 rounds through it it jammed about 25. It jammed on the eject cycle and inject cycle. Stevens/Savage will be getting it back. But it got me thinking how often does a lemon get bought? I have owned close to 100 guns in my life and been very fortunate this is my first real lemon (besides a .22lr on occasion).

So anyone have any stories? I would love to hear them!
It sounds like your injectors are gummed up.

Go to the nearest auto supply and ask for some "injector cleaner".
There once was a product, I think it was called, "Gum Out" that worked really well.

If it works on your injectors it will also work on your ejectors.
Just pour a little down the barrel then run it hard.

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