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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Well, the guy that I was orginally talking to came through with the Mac-90 after all! He sold me the gun (it's mint) and five 30 round steel mags for $500!

I'm picking the gun up in the morning. So, all I have to add are the parts for 922r, the ACE folding stock with the internal receiver block (I do have to chop the rear tang for installation), Hogue pistol grip, Midwest Industries aluminum railed hand guard, Krebs custom offset front pistol grip mount/tango down vertical grip combo, Surefire G2 LED light and mount, Blackhawk sling, Rear sight from Tech Sight, Krebs oversize selector lever, Krebs trigger pin retaining plate and the AK-47 Battle Comp.

That will be my combo! What do you think?

In all honesty the folder is cool looking but if you want a great repeatable cheek weld then go with the Vltor milspec adapter and a Magpul ACS-L butt stock. The Midwest industries is a great rail system. I personally don't like a front PG but do love the magpul afg. Look into the US palm for the rear PG. They are sweet. The rest is up to you.

Now let's see some pics.
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