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I used to go to a range when I lived in a resort area. It was during a time when many New Workers would buy vacation homes and pretend they lived there. For many, it meant they could buy guns and play cowboy.

Eventually, the range I visited was frequented by these weekenders. Many had no idea on how guns operated and would try to guess at the range. Many times, I would remind these people to keep their weapons aimed down range.. that is where the targets are.

The last time I went to the range, several vacationers were trying to figure out how to load and operate their automatic. One of the guys held the gun sideways, and tried to slowly pull the slide back and slowly ease it forward, with fingers all over the trigger area. Though the gun was aimed right at me, I simply moved out of his line of fire and reminded the group about what gun safety meant. I actually remained calm, but I never went back to a public range for years. Instead, I practiced on private property.

I live in Kansas now and go to a range in Missouri. It is state run and range control is extremely tight. The shooting positions make it tough to shoot other shooters and no rapid fire is permitted. Additionally, it is all regimented and controlled. I like it for basic marksmanship and it is very inexpensive. The place gets very crowded when the weather is nice and all sorts of people show up. So far, I have not seen anything unsafe there. If you are in the KC area, it is Parma Woods.

Lately, I have been looking for a place where some combat tactics can be practiced. Finding something at a reasonable cost would be nice. Though I can legally shoot on my property, I prefer not to alarm neighbors who are not far away.

Another issue I face is that I do not have a great deal of free time, with a house full of kids. I prefer not to have a long drive to the range, only to find it packed full with a waiting line. I guess the crowds come along with the large numbers supporing the 2nd amendment.
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