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Originally Posted by vmann View Post
you keep telling yourself that....the last thing i need is a 357 sig round going through the bad guy and into a bystander, or leaving my house and going into the neighbors house....

btw, how can you say recoil is the same as 9mm, when its a 9mm bullet in a cased down 40 cal shell...
I can say it because I have personally shot all 3 out of the same pistol. Honestly a light .357sig will probably penetrate less than a heavy slower .40. The sig is going so fast that the bullets just don't hold together. I have a good friend that is a police officer and was in a shoot out last year. He was carrying a .357sig glock. The guys shooting at him were in a pickup truck. He unloaded 2 magazines into that truck and only 2 or 3 actually penetrated the sheet metal. They fragment due to the speed.
I just got back from shooting with some friends this evening. We had between us a full size glock in .357 and 9, and my wife's 33 with all three barrels. We shot them all just to compare. The .40 recoils harder than the sig. It comes down to a heavy bullet vs a lighter bullet. When shooting steel plates the 9 and 40 smushed and flew into the air on impact and the sig vaporized in a grey cloud of dust.
That's my personal opinion biased on my experience. I don't carry any of those myself. I keep a Glock 29SF with 165g 10mm 1400 fps hollow points with me. you know, the way a .40 was meant to be.
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