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I would refer to where you put the bullet. A .22 in the the eye socket works better than a .44 mag. in the shoulder. I am showing my age here, but when the 10mm hit the scene years ago, starting in the form of the Bren Ten pistol. They couldn't sell enough to stay in business. A few other manufacturers started making a 10mm model. But they still didn't sell very well.

At the time S&W pretty much had the Law Enforcement market, almost to the extent that if S&W made a sling shot, depts. would probably issue them. So S&W got an idea to take the the bullet out of the 10mm, shorten the case, use less powder, re-insert the bullet and call it the .40 S&W.

Police department administrators everywhere wanted the new wonder caliber from S&W. And S&W started there add campaign as "Larger than a 9mm and Faster than a .45"

Fact is, it's also slower than a 9mm and smaller than a .45 I guess for me personally, it filled a niche that didn't need filled. And I figure that if I had to shoot anyone center mass, they will not be able to notice the difference between the 45, 40 or 9mm. And I do prefer the recoil of the 9 or .45 over the .40. and as much ammo that I shoot, it's saves me quite a bit of money. Just an old farts two cents.
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