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I recently bought a Talo grey/blue LCR in 38spl. Haven't gotten the chance to shoot it yet ,but hopefully will get to the range either tomorrow or Monday night.

I have been doing quite a bit of dry fire practice with snap caps and I have to say, it has the best factory DAO trigger I've ever felt on a snub nose. I know there are lighter titanium snubs but at 13.5oz and half the cost of a Ti, it certainly gets my vote.

The standard Hogue grip is quite comfortable and works perfectly in my 5.11 shirt and ankle rig which will be the 2 carry methods depending on what I'm doing. Pocket carry may be a little bulky but Ruger sells an abbreviated Hogue grip for that.

Also, don't worry about any rattle inside the gun, it's normal. Ruger revolvers use a transfer bar system and every Ruger revo I've owned has a similar rattle.

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