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Originally Posted by ES13Raven View Post
I'm trying to decide between a G26 and G27...

Why I want the G27:
1. I have 2 other .40cal handguns - ammo would work in all
2. Bigger round, more stopping power etc.

Why I want the G26:
1. Holds 1 more round than the G27
2. Less recoil, get back on target easier
3. Ammo is much cheaper
4. Easier for Fiancee to shoot if needed

I am leaning towards the G26, but am concerned that the 9mm and short barrel = less stopping power, so the G27 might be a better choice.

Where can I find ballistics comparing the G26 & G27 vs. normal barrel lengths?
While I can't remember the exact numbers, I did a test between my 26 and 27 using Gold Dot ammo in both. In the 26 I fired 124+p, and out of the 27 I fired 180gr. Then took the average velocities for both and put them into an exterior ballistics calculator. The result was interesting, because the 9mm round yielded less than a 10 foot pound difference (lower) from the .40 round. Another thing I did was to fire both into water, for expansion and weight retention. Both retained 100% weight, but the 9mm expanded to a larger diameter than the .40. My conclusion is, with the right ammo in a 9mm, I feel well armed.
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