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Originally Posted by rootpass View Post
Devil's advocate but unions brought us the 40 hr work week they also keep wages up and they are some of the last of the middle class.
Ummm, no. Most companies went to an 8-hour day in order to keep skilled workers during the 1880's to 1920's. As an example, Ford went to a 8-hour day in 1914 and raised wages in order to keep skilled workers away from the competition. Their first labor contract was not until 1941.

Unions were a prime contributor to unemployment in the 1930's by insisting on keeping unsustainable wages until companies went broke.

Free-market agreements have always raised the standard of living far above collective bargaining. Unions add unnecessary expense to any company they infest. I have never seen any union shop that ran more efficiently (lower cost) than a non-union shop. Unions have killed more American jobs than anything else aside from Federal regulations.
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