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Originally Posted by furioso2112 View Post
I have wondered why Glock has not put rails on the subcompacts. Nice work - way to jump in and do a nice mod. Can you design a user-friendly template for the rest of us, that we could stick on our 26/27/(30s?) and cut to a certain depth? I'd pay something for that and shipping would be cheap - no need to pay to ship frames back and forth, owners to be without guns, etc.

My 30 had the rails from the factory.

I generally use this gun as an IWB CCW without the light. Once home it's tucked away in a gunvault with a TRL-1 in place.

Sights, Optics and Lasers

No reason these Glock subs can't wear many hats. Great shooting guns. I've found his one to be 100% reliable during the still ongoing break-in. I'm sure others feel the same about their G26 & G27.

OP, nice job & super nice light. It took balls to attempt that !
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