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I was thinking about doing something like this before I ran a google search and found this thread.

I've always been tempted to get a G26 because they are a nice medium sized firearm between my PF-9 and my full size P226. However, I hesitated to get a G26 because it didn't have a rail on it. Even the PF-9 has a rail on it that lets me just throw on a light at the end of the day when I get home if I'm too lazy to get the P226 out of the safe.

I have two questions:
  • Is there a light just like the Viridian C5L but without the laser? Lasers are cool, but would really prefer to pay $100 for a light instead of $250 for a laser/light. However, if I have to get the Viridian C5L to get that nice compact size and good fit like the OP got on his G26, I'll do it.
  • Do you think it would work better to melt a rail into the frame with a fine point soldering iron? I figure it might preserve more polymer than grinding and give the attachment a better hold. I've seen people do some beautiful detail on their grips with soldering irons. I figure the underside probably requires grinding, but the main rails would benefit from a bit more material.

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