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Originally Posted by vaquero aleman View Post
I would like to ask the "dumb question". 45 Super can be shot out of a 45 ACP barrel? I don't have to buy a special barrel to put in my G21? Can 45 Super be bought online? It sounds like the people here that are shooting 45 Super are reloading and not buying the ammo from Midway or DT, so I guess that means that I need to find a local gun shop that will reload for me? And, since I will be recieving an LWD 45LTH soon, is the LWD barrel any better than the Glock 45 ACP for shooting 45 Super?
IMHO, If you are shooting 45Super out of a standard Glock21 barrel, you are pushing your luck.

I don't know about the LWD barrel. For shooting 45Super it is all about support. If you look at the photo I posted above, I was shooting the 45Super in an unsupported barrel and I got bulge.

IMHO, If you are going to push the 45Super as hard as possible, you need a compensator.

I believe Buffalo Bore is loading the 45Super so you don't have to find a local person who may or may not be competent to load your ammo, but.......

1. If you want to shoot hot and heavy in a Glock.
2. If you don't reload
3. If you don't want to beat your gun into the ground
4. If you don't want a comp.
Get a G20. Most people are happy with the 10mm.

The G21 with special barrel with comp where you have spent a good bit of time slowly working up loads selecting the correct bullet is the most powerful Glock out there.
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