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Originally Posted by ssevern View Post

I've seen many, many threads here saying the Gen 4 G19's have ejection problems, and many people saying they work great. My dealer says they work great, and that the issue is history. I tend to think the issue is not as bad as it seems here on Glock Talk, simply because I suspect people are more likely to post regarding a problem gun. Before I purchase my next G19 and /or G26, I'd like to know how widespread the "problem" really is.

Let's do a quick survey. Gen4 Glock owners only please:

1. Which model(s) do you own?

2. Which fits your situation:
A. I have no problem with this handgun
B. I have ejection problems with this handgun
C. I had ejection problems, Glock (or armorer) fixed it, and it now rocks.
D. I had ejection problems, Glock (or armorer) fixed them, but it still isn't right.
3. Notes/comments regarding your situation and your thoughts on this issue.

Selfishly, I know your responses will be useful to me. I hope they will be useful to others also.
Gen4 G19, only about 200 rounds so far but zero problems. Newby shooter too.
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