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Originally Posted by MoneyMaker View Post
Sorry but a Real Police Officer does not wanna come on these forums after what they deal with all day or night and deal with this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know way to many of them and they are not gonna come on a forum and discuss there cases and others cases,It just dont happen,The only ones you may see here are new rookies or the retired,But you will not see your everyday police officer that has to deal with crackheads,meth users,prostitution,rape,child abuse,killing,car wrecks ect. on here talking about it or anything else,It is farthest from there minds,So RussP if you think otherwise or want the viewers to think that this forum is full of LE waiting to answer questions or tell there everyday stories,Well more power to you,As i am done with this section of the forum.
You are right, to a point. A more correct statement would be that very few "Real Police Officer[s]" want to come on these forums after they deal with all day or night and deal with this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those that do, well they do so for several reasons. No need going into them. You wouldn't accept them.

It wasn't too long ago that even fewer participated. I know a few who use to join in. One of my close personal friends is among those who got frustrated with the unbridled idiocy of the ignorant experts telling them how to do their jobs, spreading lies and misconceptions, making unfounded allegations, and left.

I also know that more and more "Real Police Officer[s]" are joining in discussions not only here in Cop Talk, but also in Carry Issues, Civil Liberties Issues, and other forums they previously ignored.

Don't know if you've you've noticed, MoneyMaker, but those who are not "Real Police Officers" but pretend they are, they do not fair well around here.

And, yes, it is probably best if you are "done with this section of the forum."

But, again, you are somewhat correct. The vast majority of law enforcement officers do not participate on open forums. They prefer sites where members must be vetted to participate.
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