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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
Placing yourself in "danger" and "failure to render aid" are not always the same thing.

of all the people on Glock Talk, you are among the worst when it comes to getting simple facts straight and just keep plowing forward. Good luck with that.
Your remarks are interesting Rabbi. Probably why I have to click to view each and every one of your posts. Yeah I am not the best at anything. Worst at everything. How I made it this far who the hell knows.

I guess it is all in context. If an officer tells someone to render aid by picking up his handcuffs he dropped is one thing or possibly giving information which the citizen is also obliged to perform.

An officer telling a citizen at the scene of a crime to assist in the physical arrest of a BG (which some CCW'ers daydream about) is a completely different matter and which is the context in which I believe this thread is talking about.

So simple facts are only important when it is in a specific context I guess. But all this is just generalities and it is true I don't like generalities.

EDIT: And for the record Rabbi - I don't think you are a complete tool just that your posts are condescending and logic skewed to meet whatever agenda you have at the time.
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