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thanks again guys for all the good advice. today i placed the last of the major components for this "build".

For the upper I decided on the BCM Standard 14.5" Mid-Length with DD Lite 12.0 guards. I had them perma weld a Battle Comp 1.5 to be compliant.

Also coming from BCM is their bolt carrier group, gunfighter mod 4 charging handle, and BCM/Troy folding front and rear BUIS.

the lower is also a complete BCM purchased from G&R. I added the Magpul MOE+ grip and MOE stock.

from i have an aimpoint micro H-1 4 MOA with larue LT660 mount and a surefire m300a mini scout with sr07 switch on a larue LT752 offset mount. i also snagged a couple packs of the surefire z70 rail ladders.

i'm going to give the tactical link single point stealth bungee sling a try, mounted to a tactical link Gen2 sling mount.

i still have to decide what to do for a forward control mount. i like the IWC hand stop but i'm also considering a magpul rvg or afg.

i'll post some pics when it all gets put together, it will be a few weeks before i get the lower.

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