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Originally Posted by YtownGlock View Post
THE ACADEMY ADMINISTRATORS KNEW HE WAS A FELON! When we were learning about NCIC, LEADS, etc. halfway through the academy, he offered to have his background check done in class and everything popped up.

We all knew from the second week he was a felon (based just on how he acted and talked in class). He got some paperwork from Ohio BCI and DOJ giving him permission to take the academy because one of his felonies got expunged, the other dismissed, and Idk about the 3rd.

All three were CCW violations I believe
Well that's just wonderful.

So he was once a convicted felon but then got them counted down? That's possible. In Indiana certain felonies can be reduced to misdemeanors if you file a motion in the sentencing court beg the judge (or flash your thighs if you are an attractive female).

Believe it or not, a few have slipped thru the cracks this way in Indiana. They usually don't' last too long, but leave a trail of destruction in their path....

As for your scenario....that's a decision the person (in this case, a CCW'er) will have to make based on the exact circumstances presented to them. We've all heard stories of shotgun-wielding civilians who save the lives of downed cops (some true and some made-up). I'd sure appreciate it if someone came to my aid (cop or not, hell, convicted felon or not) if I was truly fighting for my life but I don't expect it to happen, especially this day and age.

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