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Originally Posted by YtownGlock View Post
The guy who is the felon did not complete the academy due to an "knee injury", every PT day he gave some bs excuse not to participate because his "injury" prevented him from doing some of the exercises.

I don't have doubts because the felon was the dissenter. I was just asking LEOs, such as yourself, your/their opinion of a civilian coming to aid in a deadly force situation.

We played a lot of the "What if" game in my class only because we wanted to know what we could/should do or not do in certain situations. As for the situation I presented in class, it was just a spur of the moment thing that popped into my head.

We only got punished with PT if during DT we goofed off, said "I'm dead", failed to be verbal while doing tactical boxing and delivering blows and strikes to subdue an assailant, etc.

But you knew the guy was a felon...and YOU did not report it?
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