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.308 semi-auto rifle. Help me choose.

I've recently been in the market for a semi auto 7.62/.308 rifle. After much research I have it narrowed down to 2 rifles. The FN FNAR 20" heavy barrel and the Springfield M1A Loaded. I've found both rifles locally for around $1400 which seems to be a pretty good deal. However, in the most recent CDNN's flyer they have the FNs for $1000. I know the M14/M1As are a truly battle tested rifle, and from what I understand the FNAR uses the BAR operating system which has also served our country well. At this point I would just like to hear some of your opinions, preferably by someone who owns one or both of the rifles. How are their accuracy and reliability? Have you had any problems? Are they worth the money?

Thanks you in advance.

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FN FNAR 20" Heavy Barrel

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Springfield M1A Loaded
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