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How much Ammo is enough?

On an average and typical trip to the range (Indoor range, max dist. 50ft), I usually shoot anywhere between 100 and 300 rounds. As of now, I only have a Glock 23 Gen4 so it is the only gun I shoot at the range. I'm not at the range long either, I can go through 100 rounds in less than 10 minutes.

Just recently, I went to the range and fired 220 rounds and if you don't include the time it took me to prepare and police my brass, it took me roughly 35 minutes to go through that much ammo.

The longest I have been at the range for is roughly 75 minutes (not including range time in the police academy, 12 hours, 4 days, 48+ hours) because me and a buddy went together and we shot a variety of handguns and .22 rifles.

Before some of you go off and say my accuracy is probably crap, here is a target I shot last week. 20 rounds at distances varying from 14-50 feet.
Click image for larger version

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How much ammo do you go through when you are at the range and how long are you usually there for? How many guns do you bring with you? Etc.

(Please, no negative comments, we're all adults here)

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