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Originally Posted by BBJones View Post
Monty sure knows a helluva lot more than I ever will. I think he recommends the MUR for more of a SPR/accuracy build but who knows. As for warranty, don't know what to tell you. I build my own and thus I am my own warranty dept. If you start with quality parts and know what you are doing, not much warranty needed.

My main point is you are considering very good quality so you will be happy no matter what you get. Might want to look at BCM etc. What is your main goal for this rifle?

Also $185 for BCG is a rip-off (perhaps it is coated). BCM and DD are $125-140 and they are great.
thanks for the heads up about the BCG, I just priced a few and would agree that $185 is too much.

right now my main goal is really just to have a personal AR. i live on plenty enough property to shoot and play around in my backyard. i may want to get into some sort of competition shooting down the road. really just a general purpose/personal protection type long gun to have some fun with for now.

you guys have really opened up my eyes, i guess one of the reasons i've put off an AR for so long is because of how many freaking options there are to choose from. now with all the suggestions i've been checking out BCM quite a bit and i'm really liking what i see from them. i can customize an upper to suit my needs for around $1100 including BCM BCG, gunfighter charging handle, and Battle Comp 1.5 installed on a 14.5" barrel. Their blem lowers are $285 shipped which keeps me under $1500 for the rifle and about the same price as the DD after adding the BC 1.5 and gunfighter charging handle (if not slightly cheaper).

what to do, what to do... should i dare ask if it's worth looking into any piston systems?
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