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Originally Posted by BBJones View Post
DD and Centurion are both top notch. Your price on the Centurion seems very high. I prefer their rail to DD (although both companies are top of the food chain). Attaches to stock barrel nut and easy to mount dismount; locks up tight. Centurion has a more accurate CL barrel. FN barrel finished by Centurion (similar to Noveske's N4 barrel). Double CL m249 steel yada yada ... long story short they are CL barrels that are step up from most in the accuracy dept but not SS accurate.

Why do you want a MUR upper on the Centurion? that might be throwing the price off. Contact Weapon Outfitters or JD Machine and see what they can do for you (both stock and Centurion products and build uppers etc). As for BCG I would use any of the following: BCM, DD, Colt, LMT.

Also did you ask for a mil discount? I bet they whack a bit off the price.

I own both a DD and Centurion and you can't go wrong with either. If I were to give advice to a friend that wanted one AR, I would say C4 rail and Centurion barrel.

ETA - why the gasbuster? Are you going to run suppressed? If not skip it. BCM Gunfighter would be my choice and save you 40-50.
ETA2 - Not sure if you are a follower of RB1 (Jason Falla) but I think he said he is coming out with a signature carbine with Centurion. Since it has his name on it might command a premium $.
thanks for all the input. i am tracking RB1s upcoming AR release, but he is being so darn sneaky about any details other than collaborating with centurion. actually following his blogs and what not is what brought my attention to centurion. apparently he is testing out some piston systems now, i'm guessing it is still going to be quite a while before we see anything made available. i'm not very patient.

as far as the MUR, it is an added $130 and monty seems to recommend it pretty highly based off what i read on his website. seems worth it for a stronger and better quality controlled upper. the gas buster was just one of the options listed on the centurion, i guess i could skip the $90 charging handle and get the gunfighter which seems to be more highly recommended anyways. the bolt group from centurion is also $185, i haven't really shopped around or priced a decent bolt anywhere else so there may be some savings there as well.

i'll check out jd and weapon outfitters and see what their prices are, i'm guessing they can build a lower as well? my only hesitation with going the centurion/c4 route is warranty issues, it may be better to buy a complete factory gun in case i run into any problems. then again, i did figure out how to fix the pesky gen4 ejection issues before glock did...
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