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Originally Posted by MoneyMaker View Post
i hate to carry 1 gun let alone what some you guys carry,i swear some think they are some urban commandos,i do mean this to the poster but really isnt 1 gun enough?Are you extremley trained in the 1st gun?Trained to have defensive and offensive skills?I see guys post pics of carrying 2 guns,4 or 5 mags,2 or 3 knives,some pepper spray,baton plus all there keys,lighters,cigs,cell phones,Come on enough is enough!!
Agreed! When I see posts like that, I can't help but laugh to myself. These people are either full of BS or belong to class of people we in LE refer to as "wanabes" or smackers. Hell I don't even know many cops that carry all that crap. In NJ, we don't have carry, so the closest equivalent would be all the volunteer Fire and EMS guys, that wear all the patches, carry belt packs full of tools and have hundreds of blue lights all over their cars. I carry one gun and sometimes an extra mag, that's it. I'm not going to war.
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