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Kind of comical for permit carry, but if you're legal and do it safely, why not?
Originally Posted by YtownGlock View Post
I have a buddy who carries a Glock 19 as his primary ccw weapon and (I can't remember the name of the other gun) a subcompact 9mm on his ankle on occasion, he doesn't do it all the time though.

I currently have only a Glock 23 Gen4 and am contemplating getting a Glock 27 Gen4 and wearing it on my ankle as well.

Does anyone else carry two guns? I've seen a lot of the veteran youtube gun community channels talk about this subject and it seems some people do in fact carry a backup.

What are you thoughts and opinions for carrying a backup ccw weapon? Depending on what state you live in, are you allowed legally to carry more than one weapon/handgun concealed? etc etc etc.
Did someone talk to you about your TPS reports?
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