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Originally Posted by MoneyMaker View Post
i hate to carry 1 gun let alone what some you guys carry,i swear some think they are some urban commandos,i do mean this to the poster but really isnt 1 gun enough?Are you extremley trained in the 1st gun?Trained to have defensive and offensive skills?I see guys post pics of carrying 2 guns,4 or 5 mags,2 or 3 knives,some pepper spray,baton plus all there keys,lighters,cigs,cell phones,Come on enough is enough!!
One gun isn't enough, especially in a situation when it fails to function, I mean, what am I going to do, throw my gun at the guy and while he is distracted charge him? As for being trained, I went through a Law Enforcement academy recently and had extensive training on the Glock 17; my carry gun is the Glock 23 Gen4 w/ a TLR-1s and 2 spare G23 mags, not much difference except for caliber, magazine capacity, and recoil. I go to the range AT LEAST 4 times a month. I was also trained in Defensive Tactics. This is going to sound funny, but I carry a 2foot strand of 550 paracord as a DEFENSE weapon (no I don't use it to strangle someone). I also carry a Gerber Icon Tanto folder as well.

Depending on where I am going and so forth, I will take with me a 21" ASP baton and a Mark IV can of Sabre Red 10% OC Spray (I am certified in both).

Now, some people may think THAT is excessive. Some people might think that sounds to be just enough, and others will argue that it isn't enough.

(Check out HellZZArmy's EDC videos on youtube. the man lives in Hawaii and doesn't travel without at least one gun and two knives minimum along with a comtech stinger)

Do I think I am an urban commando? No. I am just a citizen who goes about his life everyday while being prepared both physically, mentally, and equipped.

Call me paranoid or crazy but it doesn't hurt to take the extra precaution and steps to be safe.

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