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Inherited a few old revolvers, have question

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have three revolvers handed down to me by my grandfather.

a 1957 Hi-Standard Sentinel R-100 (.22) -appears to be all original

a 1908 Colt Army Special (.38) - appears to be all original, most blueing is worn off.

...and the most interesting piece, a Colt New Police - unfortunately replacement grips (.32) used by the New York City Police Force, as engraved by Colt. Purchased under the direction of Teddy Roosevelt. What's really interesting about this revolver is that on the bottom of the weapon, it lists out the officer's badge number that had it issued. or more information about these NYC issued revolvers here:

Fascinating stuff. I'm not too caught up on value, as I have no plans to sell them, but what I was really hoping to find out was who was the gun issued to back in the late 1800's, early 1900's. Can any of you think of a way to track down that information? My grandfather was orphaned at a young age, so I have almost no information on his birth father, and I wonder if maybe he was the cop that received the gun. Would be a neat piece of family history.

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