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We just went back out YESTERDAY and shot my friends PT145 he got last summer..he says he has not shot a lot since the summer(the road to the range got wiped out in the floods down here last early fall) but he has around 550 rounds through it now..we made it a even 650 as we each put a box through it yesterday(was sunny and 60 in my neck of the woods in PA yesterday Feb 1 2012 ) no problems, no "pins falling out" lol , trigger is now quite a bit smoother than it was out of the box as I recall..and the grips are VERY nice(feels nice in your hand).. He has not had any problems since he broke it in.

I will say that when he was breaking it in it took about 1.5 boxes of practice ammo to get everything smoothed not 100% positive early on if that was the cause of some misfeeds,stove pipes type jams or the fact he didnt clean it at all B4 bringing it to the range....because after a box with several failures when first shooting it..I asked if he had cleaned it...he looked at me and said ive never shot it till now it was new out of the box I didnt think I had to clean we took it apart cleaned it all up then started again and its run 100% since then according to him...and has always run 100% when ive shot it or seen him shooting it(though he does have over 300+ rounds down the pipe out of my sight...but I take his word for it ) . Oh and BTW his girlfriend also likes it.
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