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Originally Posted by 9L0ck View Post
How are they compared to your original i-dots? I have the same set you use to have with the pro glow green front.
sights are a very personal choice, and there is nothing wrong with the i-dot pros. for me the RB1 sights are a better setup.

the front sight on the i-dot pros is much thicker, but the front sight to rear notch ratio is very similar between them because of the .180" wide rear notch of the i-dots. i like the thinner front sight personally, i feel like it provides a much more "crisp" sight picture. i also like the fully blacked out serrated plain rear and nearly blacked out front sight of the RB1. i found the colorful outline on the front sight of the i-dot pros to attract attention of the eye to the point that it became distracting when shooting at speed, especially at any sort of distance.

if i've learned one thing over the years it's that a simple sight picture is best. the small single tritium lamp in the front of the RB1 is a nice feature for quick front sight indexing in low light conditions. the fact that it doesn't have any outlines for daylight shooting, which is 99% of when we all shoot, is also a plus. the ideal setup for low lights is to have some kind of light, in which case you would again resort to aiming with the sight outline instead of the tritium or dots anyways. i don't see the need for any more than 1 tritium aiming point, if it's too dark to aim through the rear sight and the target is too far/small to hit without being able to point shoot, i'm not going to engage it.
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