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From the article:

Originally Posted by Brooklyn123456 View Post
"There's been a lot of muggings, a lot of gangs," said 22-year-old Bushwick resident David Rodriguez. “I walk down this area everyday. It's dark. Some of these light don't work."

He added, "It's been rough out here. We should have some more cops on duty."
I do hope that when "community groups" show up to protest another police shooting of an alleged "victim" that this guy and others step forward to counter the protesters' claims that the police are an "occupying force" meant to intimidate and suppress said "community".

PS: Let me add that I'm so disappointed in NYC Mayor Bloomberg's weak sister approach to the safety of New York City residents, regardless of their neighborhoods. It's no wonder why his political aspirations can't get past the Holland Tunnel given the way he defaults to Radical Left aspersions on sworn LEO testimony.

"I think it’s always a mixed bag and you have to look, just very carefully, look at every time there is a shooting to make sure that nobody is abusing the fact that they are allowed to carry a gun,” he told reporters at an unrelated press conference in Queens.
New York City, you can certainly do a whole lot better the next time you go to the polls to elect a new mayor.
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