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With a law school grad's research skills, she won't have much trouble looking up the New York Times article some years ago, which reported on shootings of bystanders by NYPD officers back when they were carrying non-hollow-point bullets. Eight were directly hit, FIVE were hit by bullets that initially went through another human body first, and two were struck by bullets that went through objects before nailing the unintended victim.

She being an attorney, you won't need to remind her about the "indifference to human life" aspect that would attach to someone who knew about this problem, ignored it, and wound up in a self-defense shooting in which their FMJ predictably over-penetrated the body of their attacker and struck an innocent.

Might also want to remind her that virtually all of American law enforcement issues JHP, including NYPD since about 1999, in large part to reduce danger to innocents from excessive penetration.

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