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Originally Posted by sBad View Post
K, I'm new to glock, I noticed the copper colored lube and have heard about it when talking about cleaning a glock, but what is the significance of it? It's just lube right? Sure if it is present on a used gun you know that it hasn't been shot much but couldn't that also mean that maybe the person cleaning it didn't do a good enough job? Sure it's a glock and if you pull the trigger it will go bang, but I clean EVERYTHING off of my guns and then lube/oil them (hasn't caused issues yet, no gun that I have has had a malfunction) honestly that copper lube was gone after the first time I cleaned it (after 100 rds)
I like to run 1000 or so rounds before cleaning the factory lube out - as samurairabbi mentioned it contains an anti seize compound. This works it in. It's debatable whether it matters, but I like to do it this way. So a gun that still has the grease is basically as good as a new one to me, since someone else has done part of the breakin - you just need to make sure they aren't passing along some problem they found or created.
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