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Originally Posted by Jason400 View Post
I have recently purchased two 100 round boxes of Remington 45acp 230 grain jhp. I put 50 rounds through my Glock 30 and out of those 50, 4 were duds. Another 3 or 4 times I experience ftrtb. I then shot 100 rounds of winchester white box and had 0 problems. Anyone else have a similar experience with Remington ammo?
Holly Smokes?
Are we are talking primers that don't fire?
Is your Glock Factory stock? No light springs?

I had light springs in a S&W 357 revolver and had issues with Remington Golden Sabers and nothing else.
Speer, Winchester, Hornaday, Double Tap - all fine.
The Remingtons seemed to have hard primers.
Put an extra power hammer spring in and problem solved.

I Pretty much only run Speer GDHP and Winchester Ranger Ts in my auto loaders.

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