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The shooting of Duane Browne on January 12th was also a one shot stop to the chest.

Police responding to the chaotic robbery of a suspected Brooklyn pot den fatally shot one of the residents after he refused to drop his pistol, cops said yesterday.

“Freeze! Freeze! Drop your weapon!” NYPD Officer Kevin Murtha shouted at Duane Browne, according to authorities.

Browne, 26, had raced outside with his .38-caliber revolver after seeing half-brother Dale Ogarro being held up by two masked, armed thugs at their East New York home Thursday night, authorities said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Browne didn’t halt and failed to drop his unregistered gun, prompting Murtha to fire a single, fatal shot into his chest.

The shooting came exactly a month after Detective Peter Figoski, also of the 75th Precinct, was fatally shot amid a similarly confusing sequence of events involving a pot robbery.

After Browne was shot outside his home at 943 Schenck Ave., cops found five pounds of pot, a scale and $1,000 in cash in the second-floor apartment he shared with Ogarro, sources said. Both brothers have lengthy drug-arrest records, authorities said.
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