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sorry guys i meant to update this a while ago and never got around to it. i only have 500 rounds through my g19 since installing these 2 weeks ago, but i'm definitely digging this sight picture. i haven't done anything too crazy, just some minor plate and bullseye shooting in the backyard, but it was enough for me to order another set for my gen3 g19. hopefully they will be here tomorrow or thursday and i'll get them installed in time for some use this weekend.

as i suspected i am really favoring the wide square notch over the "U" notch of the 10-8s i was using previous, although i know some prefer the "U" so to each his own. i think the light bars on either side of the front sight are easier to distinguish with the square edges and i get better lateral accuracy at speed. it's almost like the front sight just wants to stay completely centered with so much light on either side of it, even with side to side transitions. POI on my g19 is just about 1-2" high at 25 yards and slightly higher at closer distances. I would imagine on a g17 these would hit dead on at 25 yards.

i look forward to using them at the beginning of march in my first IDPA match of the year. just need to decide if i want to start in SSP with the gen4 or move right to ESP with the gen3.

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