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A buddy and I fired around 150-160 rounds of various underwood selections a few days ago: 165gr jhp, 200gr xtp, 180gr GS jhp, 180gr fmj..all fired consistently and grouped very well! I was usng my lwd barrel, so there werent any smiles, but nearly every primer was flattened to some extent! And maybe Im just dumb, but I really like the primers being flattened, it assures me the round is truly full power! I had a friend with me, who used to own a s&w sigma 9mm, needless to say, he was very surprised by the 10mm power and Glock accuracy! His Sigma literally couldnt hit a paper plate from 7 yards. When I started flooding his brain with 10mm power facts, such as, it being more powerful than a 357magnum, and more energy at 100 yards than a 45 at point blank, etc...He was having a hard time believing me until I proved it to him by showing him energy data from online sources. Anyway, he and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! (at my expense, but thats ok, underwood is such a good deal that I dont mind as much, all in all, it cost me about $80 in ammo that day...)
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