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Originally Posted by SolidBrass View Post
Dang. Gold dot new online, I'm not sure why people demand this. Any 10 JHP will destroy a human target effectively. The 10 is great for self defense, but it is best be deployed as a wildlife defense round, hunting or other overkill reasons such as body armor. I'd use my .45 acp if I wanted simple man stopping power.

C'mon man! Lets do a hardcast 200+gn or TMJ. Aftermarket barrel for hardcast is standard, so just do it with that disclosure. My 6" G20 is begging for some lead.

Chances are, you'll never have to deploy your concealed weapon in defense of your life. Either against a human nor animal. But if you do, you may have to do so thru a barrier. Auto glass, dry wall, sheet metal, or heavy muscle and bone with an animal. Gold Dots are bonded and respond better under these circumstances.
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