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Originally Posted by Usmcfox View Post
Well I guess since we have super warriors Like kegs out there I don't even need to carry a firearm. We might as well get rid of the armed forces too and just have him and his super awesomeness rule over all. On a serious note not what I asked. All I asked for was advice on good factory sd loads. You contributed nothing, and made yourself look like a fool.
The art of war, mr. usmcfox. The art of war.

If you want a decent less underpowered than average carry load, carry something from Hornady's line of 10mm ammo.

If you want real 10mm power, carry a hot hand load.

If you want the most practical load to carry, don't bother carrying at all.

There is a better chance someone will steal your firearm at home than there is you having to shoot someone today in a self defense situation.

Chances are, if someone really wants to kill you and they are an expert, even if you had the knowledge of that, it would prove worthless.

Trying not to kill one another is the highest road!

You can take that one to the bank too.

you are welcome.

(I say this with a somewhat modified for performance G29 in a IWB with 9+1 of 866fpe producing handloads stacked in it with one in the tube ready to go and tons of experience with this one gun because it is the only one I own anymore).
"What's the down side to 10mm again? Oh, that's right, there isn't one."" Carrier21

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