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I can't believe some of the stuff written here. I live in one of the most liberal GD states I'm the union. I'm an active duty LE officer patrolling crappy towns daily. Even in this bastion of stupidity, I've NEVER come across, heard of, read about or seen a case where an investigating officer asks what kind of hollow points you're using. Most LE out there doesn't know that much about guns. Their job is to investigate your shooting, and from experience, I'll tell you that 99.8% of the time the home owner is presumed to be the victim by the officers as they arrive on scene. Don't give them anything to use against you. you don't have to tell the entire story, but withholding info and acting like a belligerent punk is a GREAT way to turn sympathetic officers into adversaries.

I'm sure Mas Ayoob has better, more scientific data than I do. His reason for carrying only factory ammo for SD are valid. It's not that it makes you look like you're looking for a fight. You can do that with a Daisy BB gun. It's the "known quantity" factor mentioned above and the fact that an unscrupulous lawyer (sometimes even a DA) can make you LOOK like you build your own hot, nuclear, JDAM daisy cutter poison tipped death rounds. They'll ask you on the stand why factory stuff is good enough for your local police, but not for YOU big guy. That's all there is to it. I think we're geeking out here, worrying about stuff that almost never happens. I'll side with Kegs on this one. let's not be so GD afraid of cops and DAs. Almost every one I've come across in a lot of years has been a straight shooter. Remember, DAs are elected, and filing bogus cases against citizens legally protecting themselves isn't a wise career move. Seacrest out.
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