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Originally Posted by RustyDaleShackleford View Post
No problem there, I don't have a barrel nut on there. Because the handguard I bought and ended up returning was a FF, it came with a barrel nut.

I'm assuming any FF handguard i buy's gonna have a barrel nut, right? Or if not, I'm not gonna buy one until I know it doesn't.

You're saying a 9" FF will work on my midlength???

And that DD is pretty dang expensive. The last FF I found was like $80 and was nice, except that it didn't fit. I feel I can get something like what I want for under $100. I can't make myself spend $250+ on just a handguard...
if you don't currently have a barrel nut, then you should look at some of the other rails, not the DD Omega. DD's Omega X, and Lite Rail use their own barrel nuts, and will come with them. Same for the Troy TRX and TRX Extreme.

As for cost - you absolutely get what you pay for. I've used cheap rails, and good rails. The good ones are worth every freaking penny. If you want something cheaper than DD, but still good quality, look at the Troy TRX Standard. The 9" should fit behind your FSB with no problem, but you'll have to remove the FSB from the barrel and reattach it to install the rail. You may also need to remove the handguard cap, but that can easily be done while the FSB is off.
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