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Originally Posted by Usmcfox View Post
Well, from what I've heard lawyers can persuade the jury to believe you're out looking for a fight if you load your own ammo I don't get it but in the event that hopefully/probably never, happens I don't want to take the chance.
Not to get this thread too off track, but that is not the issue with home-brewed defense ammo. At least there does not appear to be a case history of that sort - so far.

There is a court case (I don't have it in front of me) that is in play though. It has to do with the admissability of exemplar (example) rounds of ammunition to support your defense.

Let's say that you were being attacked and that the attacker was, say, 5 feet away from you when you pulled the trigger. A legitimate SD situation. The attacker would likely have a pattern of gun shot residue (GSR) from your gunblast. To support your story, the defense could acquire exemplar (example) rounds from the factory and run ballistics. The GSR patterning of the examplar could be used to support your story that the attacker was at the range that you said it was. In other words, your claims of an attacker being 5 feet away would be substantiated by GSR.

Here is the rub. If it is a handloaded round, the shooter's ammunition would likely not be admissable in court. The legal issue, as has been determined in a prior court case, is that example rounds of handloaded ammo would not be admissable as exemplar rounds. Therefore, a key element of one's defense would not be available.

That being said, I still carry a handloaded 165 gr Gold Dot. I have not yet found factory ammo that I am confident with. The Underwood offering looks promising though.

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