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I've got to get me some of Underwoods 165 gr. Gold Dots but until I do it's Winchester Silvertips for me.

Where I live, there is no self defense law or castle doctrine. Therefore if I use deadly force to stop an attacker, I assume I will be arrested. I will get my day in court but it will also cost me my life savings. However, the old saying judged by 12 rather than carried by 6 has true meaning here.

Then, regardless whether I'm found guilty of homicide or guilty of justifiable homicide, I'll be sued by the suspects family for wrongful death. Pleasant picture I'm painting here isn't it? Well, it's the truth.

I pray I never have to pull the trigger. I'm prepared if I would have to, but I pray I never do.
Don't pick a fight with an old man, if he's too tired to fight, he'll just kill you.
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