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I'm carrying my 29 SF with factory Hornady 155 gr. XTP.

Out of my 29, the Hornady factory ammo slightly exceeds the advertised velocity on the box.
Average for 5 shots: 1,279 fps
Average for another 5 shots: 1,278 fps
Velocity on box: 1,265 fps

With 1,278 fps / 562# KE the Hornady 155 XTP should be "adequate" for SD.

I like that I can get the same bullets for handloading. I can (did) match the factory ammunitions' velocity while staying well under the published max using Blue Dot.
My handloads were constructed using new brass and not only did I use a single stage press, I visually inspected each powder charge before seating bullet; I monitored the OAL like it was an obsessive competition.
I can practice with the same load I carry, only the handloads cost me about $23 for 50 rounds (all new components).

I would not have any reservation about using my 10mm handloads for SD based on quality or reliability; the pistol has already shot 250 rounds of my handloads vs about 50 of the factory loads.
I'm not intending to carry the handloads since I have factory ammo available; however, if I ever did carry the handloads for whatever reason, I think the argument could be made that since I matched the factory velocity I was justified carrying the handloads because they had already proven reliable in my pistol and quality was a known and controlled variable.
No internal lock or magazine disconnect on my pistols!

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