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Originally Posted by Usmcfox View Post
Well, from what I've heard lawyers can persuade the jury to believe you're out looking for a fight if you load your own ammo I don't get it but in the event that hopefully/probably never, happens I don't want to take the chance.
I think it's horse ***** that a DA would do that, but I carry factory ammo because of that, too.

I carry Hornady 165 Critical Defense because:

1. I trust what Hornady says on the box is the actual speed of the ammo I am shooting. It has also been proven by regular folks.

2. I believe their claims that the Critical Defense line of ammo does what they say it does. They really wanted to make a great SD bullet.

3. I have ran a few rounds from Hornady through a washing machine. Full cycle. Still shot just fine. I am sure a lot of ammo companies, if not all, can say that their ammo is waterproof and would do that too, but I know Hornady does.

4. Just like you stated above, a DA could drum up some crap about "looking for a fight" or other such nonsense and I would rather have dependable factory ammo on hand.

I love the 10mm for it's power, and I hand load 180gr XTP up and over 1250 fps, which isn't nuclear, but still pretty warm. Those are for shooting at the range and for woods defense. My Critical Defense is for home. BTW my wife carry's Critical defense in her 9mm for the exact same reasons.
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