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Originally Posted by NG VI View Post
Unit, I'd say that having a better designed bullet for the target at hand outweighs a couple hundred feet per second. In this case, I think a 147/147+P HST is about ideal for defensive use against people, but I would be much more inclined to pick something like the 147 XTP from a .357 Sig case if I was carrying the pistol on something like a hog hunt.
The trick is one never knows beforehand who and what the threat is. If LEO in a majority of cases are carrying .40S&W with 180-grain JHP with no significant problems what might be the problem(s) with a 147-grain .357sig?

This past September I shot some 125-grain Gold Dot bullets downloaded to 1300 fps by Bitterroot Valley into water-filled Pepsi bottles along with Double Tap 147-grain Gold Dot (from a 2007 purchase when DT was loading Gold Dots). Both ammos penetrated into the third bottle and mushroomed perfectly. Wouldn't the larger, heavier Gold Dot be better than the 125-grain Gold Dot from everything I've read about heavy-for-caliber advantage, especially if it yields a milder recoil?
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