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Originally Posted by WoodenPlank View Post
Not trying to exasperate the argument in this thread that was started for no reason but I figured I'd comment before this thread got locked.

I've owned many small semi-autos in .32,.380,9mm and 45acp. I've also owned quite a few snubs in .38spl and .357. For me, I can shoot the smaller semi-autos faster with much less felt recoil.

I guess it depends on who is behind the gun and what their individual capabilities are but I've let quite a few women shoot my snub nose revolvers and not a single one liked it over the semi-autos. The last one I took to the range was my aunt. She used to own a heavy .357 SP101 that she only shot standard (not +P) .38spl loads out of and said it had to much recoil. I have one and find .357 loads quite easy to manage. Well she sold hers and was looking for a new firearm. I had her rent a .380 PPK and although it was manageable, she still didn't care for it. I then rented her a PK-380 and she loved it. After shooting it myself, it seems to be set up for people that have a hard time racking a slide and/or are sensitive to recoil. To me, it was like shooting a heavy full size .22lr.

I'm not going to sit and take sides, but not many women (and some men for that matter) like the recoil of a lightweight snub and prefer semi-autos. Some can take the recoil but don't like the flip and slower follow-up shots. Some may even buy a snub just to test fire once and let it live in a pocket or purse the rest of it's life. This is why I always suggest to rent before buying because only the actual final owner of the gun will know what he/she likes.

Remember, whatever firearms someone chooses for carry, make sure it's a gun that will be practiced with enough on a regular basis.

These are my opinions and should be taken as just that.

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