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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
ATK's side-by-side ammo comparisons give standard pressure 124-grain HST at 13.5" penetration and .66" expansion.

All things being equal I prefer having a higher velocity bullet achieving the same results as a slower one.

Question: If the 147-grain .355 bullet traveling 1005 fps is a good round what does anyone think of the same bullet at 1250 fps? Advantages/disadvantages?
In a short barrel, the 147's will be closer to 1005fps than the 124's will be to 1250fps. That's why I have Ranger 147 T's in my LC9, 950fps just like Winchester intended. They also shoot softer than the 124+P GD that I shot, but didn't chrono. The non+P 124GDHP was barely doing over 1000fps in the 3.1" barrel. So I have a choice between two bullets going about the same speed, one a 124 the other a 147.

Also, heavy for caliber bullets can expand more rapidly and still penetrate. Most heavy bullets have larger HP's than their lighter syblings.
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