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Originally Posted by Caladan View Post
If you actually owned both a 642 and a G26, you would see that the difference in length is less than one-quarter of one inch. And I seem to remember than the 642 is actually taller than the G26. Most people would not consider less than 1/4" to be "a lot" smaller.

And in fact, the 642 is much, much closer in size to a G26 than it is to a PM9 (which I also own as well). Why is this? Because the J and the G26 are both wider than 1", while the PM is less than 1". Both the J and the G are longer than the PM by close to an inch, and they are both taller than the PM too.

Sounds like you need a tape measure....
I own all 3, have carried all 3, and also own a ruler and a scale. The 642 is a lot smaller than the G26. There's much of the 642 that is more than 1/4" thinner than the 26.

The 642 and PM9 are similar in size and weight, but of different shape. My own opinion is that the 642 conceals better than the PM9 in IWB, but I am carrying the PM9 as I type this.

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