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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
The 642 is a lot smaller than the G26. But not as small as a LCP, of course. For similarity in size, the 642 should be compared to the Kahr PM9.
If you actually owned both a 642 and a G26, you would see that the difference in length is less than one-quarter of one inch. And I seem to remember than the 642 is actually taller than the G26. Most people would not consider less than 1/4" to be "a lot" smaller.

And in fact, the 642 is much, much closer in size to a G26 than it is to a PM9 (which I also own as well). Why is this? Because the J and the G26 are both wider than 1", while the PM is less than 1". Both the J and the G are longer than the PM by close to an inch, and they are both taller than the PM too.

Sounds like you need a tape measure....
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