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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
All of this is true, there are definitely some advantages to revolvers. But you know what? The average woman/new shooter does not care about that stuff.

Everything you listed are concers that seasoned shooters discuss in forums like this, or over a beer at the local range. New shooters, especially women, are more interested in finding what appeals to them, and as others have noted, what appeals to them is not necessarily always based on logic or facts.

We need to focus on getting more new shooters, and especially more new women shooters, onto the ranges. Forget about the minute details and circumstance specific reasons why you think a particular pistol is the right one to recommend. Most of the reasons that would cause you to recommend a pistol are of little importance to new female shooters. They have completely different ways of figuring stuff like that out, of what concerns them, from you.
The first priority in helping someone to find a carry gun is to help them find a carry gun, hopefully one that works reliably for them.

The second priority can be encouraging them to become better shooters, or active in the sport, or pro-gun voters, or whatever you feel is important.

But back to the first priority, lay out some options for them, give them some help, and let them pick. And keep helping them as long as they keep asking, until they become better them you

What guns are you laying out on the range table for the woman to choose from in her search for a small carry gun?

I'll personally put out there G26, 642, 637, PPK, LCP, PM9, EMP. Someone else will also typically add to that G19, Berreta bobcat, NAA Guardian, SIG238. And whatevercelse the other instructors bring. Let them try and decide on their own what they like and will likely carry. The revolver is included in those choices.

The instruction usually starts with the larger guns, such as S&W42 or 2206 22's, or a revolver 22, or a GP100 38, or a Berreta 92 or G17 or other such fullsize 9mm. But those aren't the type of guns likely to be concealed carried picks.

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